The MFP Vault.




The internet is littered with media claiming to provide quality advice and knowledge telling you how to achieve your best.  With new web sites and "experts" popping up daily, it is hard to know when the information you read is accurate or if it will actually help you accomplish your goal(s).  


This is where the MFP Vault comes into play. 


The MFP Vault is a curated library of articles, videos, suggested apps, and suggested podcasts geared to provide ACCURATE & HELPFUL information that you can implement on a daily basis to improve your mental health and ability to tolerate/manage stress.  For the price of less than one cup of Starbucks coffee a month ($5), you can gain monthly access to this valuable resource.   

For $10 a month, you can increase your subscription to gain two monthly podcasts led by Dr. Jonathan Jenkins, Psy.D, where he discusses topics related to mental and emotional health such as stress management, goal setting, racial identity development, anxiety management, etc. 


 Silver ($5) & Gold ($10) Keys are currently available for purchase, with the MFP Vault set to open February 1st.  


Disclaimer: The MFP Vault is NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY and should not be confused with traditional psychotherapy.  If you are interested in outpatient psychotherapy, please contact Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy or another outpatient psychotherapist.  The MFP Vault is created to provide an educational resource for the community to learn more about mental health and basic strategies to improve their awareness of maladaptive habits that limit their mental and emotional growth.