At Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy, group therapy is both instructional and communal in nature.  In general, group therapy offers the unique opportunity for individuals to both give and receive therapeutic support while the clinical leader of the group works to facilitate conversation and provide clinical instructionMental Fitness & Psychotherapy offers a unique form of group therapy, a SPIN-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) GROUP




Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy is currently in the process of establishing a partnership with an amazing local gym to offer an eight-week Group Therapy Spin Class.  Over the course of the eight weeks, participants will engage in 90 minute group therapy sessions.  During the session, the group members will engage in a 30 minute spin ride where the clinician will utilize the environment of a vigorous workout to actively reinforce and have the clients practice skill-building involving cognitive and behavior strategies to address anxiety, depression, and self-esteem concerns.  The remaining 60 minutes of the session will include dialogue and process-oriented semi-structured group discussions related to current stressors, recent successes, and maintaining helpful cognitive and behavioral strategies to promote positive emotional wellbeing.  Participants will receive both psychotherapy and spin instruction from Dr. Jenkins, a licensed psychologist and certified spin instructor.  The goal of this class is to combine the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise with the skill learning of a traditional 90-minute group psychotherapy setting to help energize participants and encourage positive psychological growth




I will be considered In-Network for Blue Cross Blue Shield Products as of the new year, which includes Individual Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy, and Psychological/Neuropsychological Assessment.  In addition to being able to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, I will also be able to accept several local College/University Student Health Plans and Prefered Provider (PPO) Plans with Out-of-Network Providers such as: Aetna, Cigna, Tufts, and Harvard Pilgrim.


As a client, it is important to be knowledgeable about your insurance.  To gain more information about your insurance, you can call your insurance company directly or you can have me speak to the insurance company on your behalf.  If you are going to call your insurance company on your own, please consider receiving information about the following topics:


  • The amount of your deductible & how much of the deductible has been met

  • When does the deductible reset

  • Whether there is reimbursement for Out-of-Network psychotherapy

  • The amount of your co-pay

  • Whether session limits exist for your plan

  • Do you need pre-authorization for psychotherapy

  • If there is a lifetime maximum for Out-of-Pocket costs




Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy's rates were established in accordance with the market rate for psychotherapy in the Greater Boston area.  Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy does offer a sliding fee for those clients paying for psychotherapy out-of-pocket.  To receive these rates, please contact Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy by email.