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  • Check out my appearance on the Pillars of Health Podcast with Coach Jon Carroll, CLICK HERE to find Episode 12.

  • Looking for a book to help explain psychotherapy to children? Check out Wednesday Afternoons with Dr. J, a clinically-informed and whimsical narrative for children to help acclimate them to the therapeutic process and talking about their emotions.



  • Click HERE for more information about Child Psychotherapy or HERE for information about Adult Psychotherapy at MF & P.


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  • Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy is looking to create a process group for young people of color!  If you are interested, please contact MF&P!  CLICK HERE



Welcome to Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy


Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy was founded on the belief that everyone can benefit from the science of psychology.  Although people often seek psychologists during times of adversity, psychologists can provide great value throughout anyone's life due to their training in the expansion of thought, the sharpening of focus, improving social skills, and cultivating healthier connections with one's various emotions.  Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy aims to serve the community by providing traditional forms of psychotherapy and to assist community members with accomplishing their self-directed goals.  While Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy is focused on providing innovative and dynamic treatments, the client's humanity, identity, dignity, and confidentiality are of the upmost importance and will be respected throughout the course of treatment.


In addition to engaging in clinical work within the community, Mental Fitness & Psychotherapy will continue to foster dialogue about the stigma encountered by those living with mental illness and we will continue to forge new collaborations with various members of the community to cultivate a more emotionally resilient and supportive society.